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PLEASE READ: Creativity Corner Rules
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Creativity Corner Rules
The purpose of the Creativity Corner forums is to give community members a place to express themselves creatively, through words and images.

Both heavy and light content may be found here. Graphic material is allowed on Creativity Corner. Writing and pictures that are truly general (for example, support shown with a field of flowers) may be placed inside of posts anywhere on the site. If the poster chooses, they may also be put on Creativity Corner.

The Creative Writing forum is a place for personal stories, poems, and word art that you wish to share.

The Visual Arts forum is designed for expressive images. Examples of this would include but not be limited to content about the past, ourselves, our hard feelings, or our healing. ALL potentially disturbing images belong on the Visual Arts forum. Also, please be aware that images have the capacity for high impact and can be disturbing. Images are harder to prepare for and steel oneself against. There is a different impact in "picture pictures" than in "word pictures."

Inside children of all ages are welcome to post here. Please be sure to take appropriate safety precautions as determined within your system.

When posting, please keep the following in mind:

By posting violent material on either forum, whether directed at self or others, we agree we will NOT act on it.

Do not place any triggering material in the subject line.

Rate the post according to the content. In particular, please be certain to mark posts containing references to ritual abuse as such.

Spoiling of individual words is an individual's choice; an auto spoiler replaces the vowels of certain words with an asterisk so that we do not appear in certain search engines or filtering software.

Do not name perpetrators or use images that can identify people or locations.

While visual images are part of the Visual Arts Forum, p*rn*graphic images are not allowed.

It is each system's responsibility to ensure their own safety on these forums. The material posted here has the potential to be extremely triggering. Therefore, everyone participates here at his or her own risk. Blaming others for triggering us is not permitted on this or any other MM forum.
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