PDoc is prejudiced
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PDoc is prejudiced
I a sure that most people in the world know of the problems in the US surrounding black people and how it erupted. Not for the first time.

In Cnada there is black prejudice but in Western Canada a lot of it is against the Indigenous or Canadian Indian as they were once called.

When Canadafirst became a country in 1867, the first Prime Minister decided that all of the kids should be snatched from their homes and put into residential schools. Many died of starvation and other things. There was SA and other kinds. They could only speak English. When they were finally allowed to go home their parents couldn't even talk to them.

They do have an issue with Alcoholism. There is a biological reason for that and white people introduced it to them. It is a huge issue. However, many from that culture have really given up on life. Others try to fight but the prejudice is horrid.

My PDoc is very prejudiced. The subject came up the other day and she was so bad I had to tell her to change the subject. She is of no use to me anyway. I see her for my ED but she doesn't even deal with it anymore. She knows nothing about DID and since the two are intertwined it is challenging. I am at a loss. I hate prejudice. Especially when it was so open. And inappropriate.
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