Abnormal cycles
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Caution  Abnormal cycles
I am watching 'The Doctors'. They are talking about Endometriosis. I had it. I don't think mine was severe. Or did I block out the pain? They were so heavy! I never knew what was normal. Since my mother was always pregnant there was little that she could provide with regards to my issues. That is part of a chapter in my book. But if you have young people in your life encourage them to fight about their issues. Have them find out what us normal if you cannot share that with them. One woman who was just starting off in her career was told that the pain would go away if she got pregnant.

Women find out what is normal. If you have pAIN THAT MAKES YOU STAY HOME or impacts your life in other ways, keep pushing. We all know how hard it is to find out what is wrong mentally but we can also have that trouble physically. I found out that I had endometriosis in my 40s.Nobody asked me if it ran in my family. Some months my cycle was so heavy and with switching... oh the embarrassment!
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