wtf do you do whenno one listens
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wtf do you do whenno one listens
I will talk in analogy to avoid bringing the real issue up here but I noticed that my country is like a bird who is paying a cat one feather a day to guard a berry bush from other birds.

I started a petition to say hey let's oppose feather trading because it's reality the cat's long-term menu planning scheme.Once the bird runs out of feathers and can't fly the bird will be on the menu.

the problem is: the bird has a lot of feathers atm.So, no one listens. The bird just wants to be left alone to enjoy his " great deal" that he worked out with the cat. So, what can I do so as not to be strung along with the cat's meal plan? If this bird has did I am one of the insiders if it becomes lunch so do I! how do I get the others to realize the bigger picture?
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08-03-2017, 09:32 AM
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RE: wtf do you do whenno one listens
Really like that last quote. Unfortunately I have no answer except to say that all any
of us can ever do is our best. we do not have harry potters book of spells to change an outcome.

I am a letter writer. I have written many letters over the years. A few have had an impact for me or for others. Many made no difference at all. However, I tried. That was all I could do. And the band played on.
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08-04-2017, 04:27 AM
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