Spiritual Health, Spiritual Illness and Shamanic Treatment Methods
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Spiritual Health, Spiritual Illness and Shamanic Treatment Methods

Soul Loss and Soul Retreival

Soul loss, the fragmenting of the subtle body, is a primary cause of physical illness. Treatment for soul loss, called soul retrieval, is practiced in many tribal shamanic cultures, but was unknown to modern shamans until Sandra Ingerman rediscovered it. Sandra Ingerman, with whom I studied for eight years, has written about this phenomenon in her books Soul Retrieval and Welcome Home. Sandra is the greatest exponent of soul retrieval in the modern shamanic revival. Her rediscovery of soul retrieval came directly from working with clients her healing practice.

Sandra noticed that many of her clients who had backgrounds of trauma or abuse reported that they psychically removed themselves from the abuse situation. Psychologists call this dissociation, but to shamans, this psychic flight from trauma has a tangible reality. Unlike a shaman, who travels from his physical body with part of his subtle body on the sound of drums or rattles, and then returns to their physical body, these abuse survivors did not necessarily know how to return to their physical bodies. Parts of their souls actually left, split off, to wander in the shamanic realms.

People with soul loss have low resistance to disease and are frequently subject to infestation by spiritual parasites. They may suffer from hypersensitivity or extreme allergies. They may feel spaced out and disconnected in their daily relationships, or have trouble forming relationships with others. Sandra Ingerman teaches her students to search throughout the shamanic realms and bring back the lost soul part to the client directly. The shaman carries the soul part to the client, and blows it into the client's solar plexus and the top of the head with their breath.

Soul retrieval is a subtle but extremely powerful healing method. The full benefit of soul retrieval is not fulfilled until a year and a day have passed after the treatment. Soul retrieval is not a healing people need to repeat time and again. In the absence of trauma and abuse, the soul usually stays put.

Most modern people have some degree of soul loss. The time around junior high school seems especially traumatic. I have retrieved many soul parts that looked about 13 or 14 years old. Fragmented soul parts long to rejoin the main soul so they can complete the destiny the soul assumed when it was born.

If you are treated with soul retrieval, you may find that you recover lost abilities. It is best to be extra kind and gentle to yourself while the new soul part is integrating back into the main soul. Try to get plenty of rest and don't allow anything to disturb your equilibrium. Welcome yourself back home! You will be filled with your own soul power and rejoining with yourself will make you stronger than you have been before.
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