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However, away from here I have been writing my autobiography. It has taken a lot of do overs and I think it has been 10 years since I tried to write the first time.

This is the closest I have been to getting somewhere. I sat up late last night editing the first part. I had to pull back when I ran into the swamp of memory lane as it became too triggering. But by going back and editing before finishing makes it much less of a task at the end.

I have a friend who works at a couple of universities and knows have of my province of birth. He and his wife were in school with me and are also in my book.

It feels good. It feels scary. It feels like throwing my computer out the window but I have a new one waiting for me in the store anyway.

I highly recommend this process, even in short form for people who feel stuck and need a fresh perspective on the past. In writing it I was able to see and feel things that anger blocked out. The best part was finding some good, normal kid times and being able to write about them. Singing Christmas carols with my siblings around the old tree when we were little. Things siblings did for me. Seeing another side of the mother that I forgot existed. I have come a long way in doing this. I do hope to publish and have to figure that part out but one thing at a time.

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03-22-2015, 04:34 PM
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It's beautiful.
Thank you so much for sharing.
06-27-2016, 06:38 AM
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