Hearing a speaker that have found helpful
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Caution  Hearing a speaker that have found helpful
I found a speaker I'd heard some podcasts ages ago, so I downloaded the podcasts I found from a church from a church in New Zealand. Though I don't find I have been able to go to church for so long, but this man, named sy rogers who is a chr speaker who had been ab as a child n rejected by the church. Something bout the way he talks about god, brings god from a distant uncaring being to helping me see a different way to see him. He talks about people asking if they matter to god. I relate alot to what he says, I guess because he is from a background of ab so he can speak into the ab or *ss. That have had both as a child n as adult. It's still a long way off being there where that part wants me to be but it does open up a forum within that brings discussion inside about the issue of god.
04-12-2014, 07:08 AM
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