chr saying that annoys us ( ref to memories a bit)
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chr saying that annoys us ( ref to memories a bit)
we used to long for someone to take us to the d*d-daughter events that our church had and we would pray for a " normal dad" like the ones we saw friends with. On the very few times we would share this deep longing with a close friend the typical reply was " Let God be your Dad" blah yuck.

I know God loves me and I know jesus is a person/god together but, I would be a little freaked out if either one of the Godhead showed up to take me fishing or to a dance... etc.

In my experience they don't show up in a physical way anyway. So all of hugs, and cuddles that we wanted from a dad would be missing most likely! Also, in saying that the speaker is limiting God's ability to place someone in my life story to be a dad for me. and yet when people say that they do have the effect of making me feel like i did something wrong since i disagree with them. has anyone had experience with people saying God should be their p*r*nt, or SO etc. If you have what are your thoughts/feels about being told that? thanks for sharing
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02-18-2014, 09:16 AM
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Spiritual content  RE: chr saying that annoys us ( ref to memories a bit)
We haven't had that experience, but it would creep us out. We know that Jesus called God "Abba" (Dad), but that doesn't mean people in general are necessarily comfortable with that.

As we see it, it presumes a level of intimacy between God and the believer that's difficult to attain. Not impossible, but difficult. Certainly difficult for survivors, though.

Thanks for the topic.

02-18-2014, 01:08 PM
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RE: chr saying that annoys us ( ref to memories a bit)
if God was my daddy i would expect that to be one serious long-distance relationship otherwise that would be super creepy. just sayin... Anon-32
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02-18-2014, 06:04 PM
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