Two and her conversations
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Caution  Two and her conversations
We could write a whole book called "Two's conversations with God. She 'chats" with God nightly as we get ready for bed. Or tells the cats about how she is mad at God and why.

We now have a friend who is a very down to earth pastor. It is funny because she drove me home one night. I told her a Two story and she told me one about her young son that was in the same vein. Just as if we were chatting about 2 outside kids.

Two has stumped this friend. She likes to be read to and we bought a book for her that is probably written for 10-12 year olds. Stories from the OT. She read the story of the "red ocean" and is now furious with God; again. If he could do that for those bad peoples why couldn't he make her a red river to save us from our bad peoples. This is short form. No wonder the cats get up and wander off. George and baby bear probably would too if they knew how to walk. We have no answers for her and I doubt that anything anyone had to say would be a satisfying answer. And soon she will go on to something else. Like wanting her own body (used to be Peak's topic) or blaming KA for something.
10-29-2013, 07:13 PM
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