Huh, guess I visited this issue at Christmas
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Huh, guess I visited this issue at Christmas
In body I am Anglican. Episcopalian or Church of England (low church or however they put it) if you live in the US or overseas. Raised RC but reasons for the change over belong on another board.

I have just come from FB where there are a lot of people who are so sincere with regards to their faith. What we decided a long time ago was that God is out there but not for us. Some have argued that our survival is a sign. We have also had sp experiences that should translate in our head to the fact that there is a power stronger than us out there. Not so much.

Analogy: I sit in the dark because the power has gone out. I try lighting a candle but the matches burn my fingers. I glance out the window and notice that almost every house on the street has their lights on, there is power in their home. Obviously there is something within our home that blocks the power. We don't know how to fix it. Check the breakers, power bill is paid. Must be the wiring but have no clue as to how to go about fixing that. I call the power company to ask for help but there is something wrong with the line and I cannot get through. I cannot hear them and do not know if the person on the other end of the line is hearing me. There is no sign that they have done so as the lights do not come back on. So I try to light another candle and again my fingers are burned.
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Friendship/Support  RE: Huh, guess I visited this issue at Christmas
Good analogy. And we're sorry you have to deal with this.

Here's a thought. Therapy and self-help are the backup generator.

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RE: Huh, guess I visited this issue at Christmas
Maybe god is not all about what shine the more Wink Everyone has this kind of light, no need for a candle Wink

Someone who has plenty of candles and doesn't share one with someone who doesn't have any doesn't shine a lot to me Wink

The firsts will be the last he said Wink (that's how messed up things really are :p)

How many time do you think those people spend thinking about god or about you, vs the time you spend ? Wink

But don't burn  yourself too much, take care Wink

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