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A loss - The People - 05-02-2013

Yesterday I opened my email to learn that a friend of mine passed away. He was not a lover or a heart to heart kind of guy. He was so nice though. So safe and accepting and we had fun together. Whe i read this I regretted never having told him how happy I was that he was my friend. Never used that word.

Later that day I BCCd many friends, told them off my loss and then told them that I needed to tell them what I never told him. How important they were. That while I ruffled feathers and got angry at times I cared about each and every one of them. Just as i do the people here.

The friendships i form here are different as i do not get to see the people I talk with. We don`t play games or just have fun. But I do still care about you and am happy that you are in my life.Heart

RE: A loss - mosaic - 05-02-2013

so sorry to hear of your loss.

we are very glad to know you, too.

RE: A loss - nats - 05-02-2013

(05-02-2013, 03:55 AM)The People Wrote: ..Whe i read this I regretted never having told him how happy I was that he was my friend. Never used that word..

it's true that we leave so many of the positive things unsaid. thanks for this reminder. we've really appreciated your compassion and insights here at MM over the years.

RE: A loss - Cammy - 05-02-2013

I am so sorry to hear that someone has been taken from your world like this. Times like this we always seem to realize that words were unspoken or gestures of gratitude were not done. I hope you can find a way to heal gently while still holding onto cherished memories of your friend.

RE: A loss - Cammy - 05-03-2013

Another day...wanted to stop by and say once more how sad we feel for your loss.Also wanted to make sure your post stayed at the top of the queue where it rightly belongs for something of this much importance.

RE: A loss - MakersDozn - 05-05-2013

The People,

We're sorry for your loss, and that you didn't get a chance to tell your friend what he meant to you. But we're glad that you can post here about your feelings.

Sitting with you if that's okay.


RE: A loss - finlyalive - 05-06-2013

How wonderful to have someone to call 'friend'. Paths cross in life for a reason and his crossed yours. How wonderful to have fond memories of someone just being 'nice'. That means a lot in this world. Loss is difficult and, for that, I am sorry; but am so happy you had a friend.


Update on Loss - The People - 05-08-2013

This has hit me so hard. I don't think it was a heart attack but will leave it at that. Saw PDoc today and cried a lot. See T tomorrow. Too many parallels in our lives although his issues are not from FOO to my knowledge. But there are just things... that is what is making it hard aside from the loss.

The last time I saw him was the Friday before. Something felt wrong but I thought it was the other guy who acknowledged he wasn't doing great. I could say I wish until I am blue in the face but it will not change things. Memorial is Friday and I will go with a friend who also knows him. Worried that someone else that I do not like will ask to come with me. NO! She did not even know him that well although she is needy too and has her own issues. I know her from another place. Was really insulted when I went in and someone thought I was her. Let it go as he is older but he sees me there all the time. I cannot stand her. But I will be meeting with her tomorrow and she will have the need to say something. I may just tell her to shut the f*ck up. Some people just make your skin crawl as they are obviously... crazier than me.Anon-32

RE: A loss - Cammy - 06-14-2013

Totally acknowledge and agree with attached file.

RE: A loss - Reilly - 06-14-2013

I am sorry about your friend's passing. Sitting with you now and hoping there are brighter days ahead.