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A little sad tonight - composite - 04-25-2013

I feel the blues creeping in. A picture from my past snuck up on me while I wasn't paying attention and
wham! The blues are here again. I keep spiraling down. I grab myself, but away I go spiraling down. I'll be okay. I just hope it doesn't last too long this time.Sad

RE: A little sad tonight - Reilly - 04-25-2013

Hope your blues end soon and brighter days come your way.
Sitting with you now.

RE: A little sad tonight - composite - 04-25-2013

Thank you.
It means a lot to have someone sit with me

RE: A little sad tonight - nats - 04-26-2013

the blues are like that, they grab onto you when you don't even expect it and suck you down and down. sitting, listening, and hoping you can let them go soon.

RE: A little sad tonight - Cammy - 04-26-2013

Igraine sends warm feelings and a cozy comforter to curl up in. She hopes you can fall gently asleep and have all the sadness melt away. Warm wishes and healing vibes. The smell of spring flowers and gentle blue skies. All good things for you. We can sit quietly until you sleep and know you are okay. We will think positive thoughts for you.Sleepy