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Question about forgiving people from kids - dreamers - 04-10-2021

Does God not like it if we aren’t able to just turn off the big hurt feelings when a friend asks for forgiveness? A friend pushed us away and now she is asking for forgiveness ( in a card) but our phone number is still blocked on her phone. So we still hurt and we sorta feel like we aren’t supposed to like it’s sinful or something to feel like that. Is it? We want to still be friends with her but try as we might we can’t turn off the anger. We don’t really know what God wants us to do with the feelings. We don’t want to cause her more pain either so some of us think we should wait until the feelings mellow out to reply to her card but if she thinks we are ignoring her she will get hurt feelings. So we feel like we can’t win for hanging. Just so lost on wtf to do.

So yeah this is a dreamers kid asking is it wrong if big feelings don’t just go away when someone says sorry? We know we are supposed to give people like a zillion chances if they mean it when they ask but the mad feelings just won’t turn off. So what are we supposed to do?