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Very confused about reconnecting with a close friend - dreamers - 04-09-2021

A day before Christmas a close friend lost her grandpa and a few days later she completely blocked all of our phone numbers. Losing her friendship was so painful that we found ourselves pleading with a hypnotist to help us separate the facts of our best memories with her from the warm fuzzies that those memories brought up ( a process that he called recoding and which felt analogous to amputating a limb to save our life). Unlike the more common physical procedure though this was not a once and done deal. It took about a month of daily listening to the recording that the T made us.

And today I got a greeting card from the friend in question. She apologized, asked how I am and said she would like to be pen pals( yes old school with letters which would be physically difficult for us to do. When I tried calling her my number was still blocked.

I do plan to write her at least once and ask her why I am blocked if “ I didn’t do anything wrong”. But do I tell her that her lack of communication made us able ( with some difficulty) to convince a T that recoding memories might have been the only way to prevent an emergency? Does she really want to know that we went on the scenic trip through H*ll?

On the upside thanks to Covid the T wasn’t seeing people in person so he created a custom recording that we used and could reuse again if the need ever arises but that’s like saying if I ever have to amputate something else it should go better because I have some experience now