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miss oldfriends here - The People - 08-09-2020

like pirate frend. unsher frend. lotsa them.pirate ifn you ever comread this I tell you bigs rite abot this place in there book wat not don yet. they don't name no peoples tho. jest tok abot how much it help us here. ifn you read this we wont you to no that course you geted mad at stupid big who at if we tokof you in book. person who rite jest tok abot self admakin frends and tokanlaff. we miss them times. it much betr here than on facebook. well, wen peoples comtok.

RE: miss oldfriends here - nats - 10-14-2020

how are you all doing? moved country again and not so easy to access private laptop. seems others have drifted too.