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Does therapy end? - MT SRA - The People - 05-17-2020

Just talking about the subject scares me. I have redd dot issues so I don't know if that makes a difference. People with red dot issues usually have many more alters and can bring more complex issues to the therapy room.



For example, my red dot issues took place in a church with an RC pr*@st as a leader. So along with having a family and small-town that are FUBAR, my spirituality is really messed up. As this started at the age of 3 (When Two arrived) we had lots of time to grow as a group. In a size that is. we started off with a safe room and with so many of us we ended up with a whole castle. A place is big enough for everyone to hide. Next to the Castle is.... there is a word but it slips my mind right now. Anne? It is part of our world but not attached to the castle. A lot of littles live in there. I don't know if they are fragments or full alters as they hardly ever come out. Sometimes at night they come out as a group and play in the area b/t their space and the main castle. What will become of them? Will they just fade away? We rarely see them anymore but the building is still there and we sense that at least some of those littles are still there.

The Root Person is more aware of us than she used to be. We think. She went into hiding at 15 as she couldn't deal with things anymore. It frightens us when she comes out because she has always been a risk for self-harm. Two sees a young girl in the hallway now. We don't know if it is her or someone by the name of Grace.

So for us it feels as if there is no end in sight. I think that T is hoping that the writing of our book will make us better. Maybe well enough to cope on our own. The pre-T part of the book is done in a rough draft. However, each chapter of the memory section is so difficult to write. We only see her once a month now and with Covid crap it feels like forever. She did try a video chat but it wouldn't check so we talked on the phone. For the next time, we were overwhelmed that the idea of talking caused us to burst into tears. So we skipped that one and then she was away. Or homeschooling her kids. As said by Two, it feels like 5 months since we have seen her.

We thought we had found a friend that we could talk with about these things. However, we are very different people so going beyond a chat doesn't work. Plus, she shared my status with people that she knows which really pisses me off.

So I am still isolated socially. I have felt lost ever since I stopped working. The idea of ending T does not appeal to me at all. Does that need to be the goal post? I have been in therapy for longer than I have been without it. Am I walking in circles or a labyrinth?

RE: Does therapy end? - MT SRA - mosaic - 05-18-2020

personally I think T should continue as long as you feel the need. i am really put off by your T even putting out vibes that she hopes the book will "make you better"... working with DID is a long haul proposition, and it makes me angry to think your T might be looking to an end point.

i, too, have been in therapy longer than half my life. i am glad to say my current T has explicitly said that she is here to be my t for as long as i need/want.

i think T is more of a labyrinth - and (even for monominds) working on emotional healing is complex and sometimes convoluted.

anyway, i don't think you should have an end goal per se. so that's my two cents.

RE: Does therapy end? - MT SRA - nats - 05-30-2020

we stopped t so long ago. for us it just didn't seem to do what it was supposed to, or at least it didn't help with the things we were most upset about. so we gave up. decided to try to have some semblence of a successful life instead - at least professionally. socially we just can't deal. so that's it.

RE: Does therapy end? - MT SRA - phoenix22 - 05-30-2020

I refused all therapy as the little that is offered over here in the UK is basically CBT which I honestly believe has no relevance for people like me with DID.
Instead I try to work through my issues alone ( or as alone as you can be with many within )

RE: Does therapy end? - MT SRA - The People - 06-04-2020

This page really speaks to the differences in treatment across the pond. I have met psychiatrists from over there (mainly Ireland) who had no belief whatsoever in the diagnosis. One narly man (I can not go further or I will hurl) referred to it as a 'phenomenon' that he had seen previously. I had just fired him as my pdoc so I didn't ask for further explanation.

In Canada and the USA not everyone believes in 'us' but enough do that we can get support. Had I not received the support I needed ( It took 4th T) we would not be here.

These times of sickness and horror don't help us sort things out. We will now take out allergies off to bed. We love spring and it hates us in return.

As for T wanting the book to be our end point that is just a guess. She has said nothing. Another guess is her wanting us to feel that we accomplished something. That is a huge issue for us. We did have a career but it was cut short. Physical issues that were ignored played a role.