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My real stressor - The People - 05-13-2020

I have been friends with a woman since I entered T. She has SA issues too. Plus other ones. Like me she shuts out the world when things are bad. Her husband who is also my friend is dying. She won't answer my questions about him. I feel so helpless against the great equalizer. f*ck*ng cancer. f*ck*ng doctor!

RE: My real stressor - phoenix22 - 05-14-2020

Wonder if your friend has just "shut down" ? Think some people's reaction is to shut others out,to somehow deny everything,not talk about it so that it doesn't become "real"
Whatever,sorry to read about your friend and her husband..and agree about cancer ( and doctors )

RE: My real stressor - mosaic - 05-14-2020

i don't know why people respond so differently to bad things happening. i sure can understand the frustration you feel when she doesn't respond to your questions and you don't get any information. that helpless feeling really stinks! i'm curious - you curse cancer (rightly so)... why do you curse the doctor?

RE: My real stressor - The People - 05-15-2020

We finally had a text chat at 5:30 am. Well, almost 24 hours ago. She says he is ok, due for blood work. It just dawned on me that I never even asked her how she is doing. She is in better space. New neighbours moved in. 3 boys and Mom raked her lawn. They bring over food and kindness. My friend loves kids and I laughed when she told me that the 12-year-old talks her ear off. It is nice to know that she has support.