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I cannot find - The People - 05-13-2020

MY f*ck*ng phone. I just got a new one and I got a bright colour so it would stand out. Only I turned the ringer off because I don't feel like talking to anyone. So I can't even track it.

Does anyone else do that thing? Where you are so busy looking you can not see?

RE: I cannot find - The People - 05-13-2020

Found it. It was in the laundry hamper. I must have put it there when I was making the bed. Or when I got up. I managed not to smash anything (tempted) or pull out my hair (tempted). I think I will go and wash it. God, I need it cut! Some salons are opening tomorrow but I am not going to rush out to get an appointment. My hair is going to look bad for a while as I am growing out the silver. After over 30 years of highlighting and then colouring I am going au natural!