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Disconnet - The People - 05-11-2020

I feel so disconnected from everybody these days. In 3D. I have friends but they are surface friends. I can listen but how can one talk to people about the life of a multiple? I was friends for a while with another multiple but I can feel it coming to an end. When someone says "I would never rip you off" put a padlock on your wallet.

My role in people'slives seems to e about listening and not talking. I used to love it when that was my job but I had to quit a long time ago. Life just gets more and more empty.

Fluctuate b/t sad and angry. Thank goodness for my kitty.

RE: Disconnet - phoenix22 - 05-12-2020

I have problems with feeling any real connection with people too. I think,for me,its because being multiple and mainly unaware of my many parts,those that interact with outside people don't pass this on to the rest. I can feel disjointed and left out of loops by this.
I ,like many multiples I suspect,am a master of filling in bits of conversations that make no sense to me due to other parts input.
I too think my role in life is to listen rather than speak and although this isn't useful on occasion, due to my hypervigilant nature, I find it easier than being pressed to admit anything personal about my self.
My children have all left home now so its only me and the dog. I again relate to that emptiness you speak "job" has gone now and I too can feel adrift as to what to do next.
Just wanted to say I know where you are coming from. Being a multiple is difficult enough but trying to explain it is hard beyond words.
Glad you have your kitty

RE: Disconnet - The People - 05-13-2020

Thank you Phoenix 22. That is why I love MM. I can find people who understand what I am going through.