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Leave it to me - The People - 05-03-2020

Of all times for a techno stupid person to have to get a new phone. I am having so much trouble setting it up. It is so frustrating. Set this. Lock this. If you see an aqua coloured item go flying through your window, don't be alarmed. It is most likely my phone.

RE: Leave it to me - mosaic - 05-03-2020

oh my that sounds completely aggravating. i am always afraid when i get a new phone because it can be so overwhelming and adjusting to the new way the new phone works is hard.

that's why i don't change phones that often.

i hope you have success in the end, and get all your apps back up and running.

RE: Leave it to me - The People - 05-04-2020

This was a must as I kept getting bugs. But I hate it too. And it seems to have impacted my email somehow s that is all messed up. I did buy Geek Squad this time because of the issues. Can the app you told me about be used on a computer?

RE: Leave it to me - mosaic - 05-04-2020

Unfortunately, no. That app is strictly for the phone. I hope the Geek Squad can help you out.

RE: Leave it to me - The People - 05-05-2020

We Will have to wait until the 9th, For some stupid reason, buying a new phone with the same company constitutes breaking the contract. So I have no data until Thursday. Idiots.

RE: Leave it to me - mosaic - 05-06-2020

what? that is ridiculous!

RE: Leave it to me - The People - 05-07-2020


RE: Leave it to me - mosaic - 05-07-2020

Well at least the 9th is only 2 days away. hopefully then you can get things sorted out.