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I have been - The People - 03-01-2020

Drinking too much. I am not sure when it started. I have been feeling very lost since summer and that started it I think although there were periods before that. I think I was trying to fit back into the Safe Room in some way but I don't think it is even there anymore.

Last night I fell. Beat myself up good and scratched my glasses. I should probably stop altogether but it would feel as if it was one more thing taken away from me. :/

RE: I have been - mosaic - 03-02-2020

oh dear, im sorry you had the fall and got hurt. i encourage you to at least cut back some if quitting feels like too much of a loss. i think it's difficult to cut back unless you can be aware before you get to the point that you can't keep track of how much you've had. maybe give yourself a firm limit of how much you are allowed at a time? i don't know.

i don't know how to go about finding a Safe Room, or even creating a new Safe Room - i hope you can find some peace

RE: I have been - The People - 03-03-2020

We have cut back. The friend we met the other night reminded me of stuff. I have cut way back. I will get a lecture from my T next time I see her I am sure.

Something you may want to explore if you want to go down the DID road is addictions. They come in so many colours. One of the newer theories of alcoholism is moderation. Some people can do that. I will see where my fight takes me.