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Good news and good news - The People - 02-24-2020

Weinstein was found guilty! Woohoo! Smile

I found $30 outside of a store. I did look around to see if anyone could have dropped it but there was nobody. There was no point of turning it into the store as there was another one beside it. The bills were brand new like God printed them and sent them down!

RE: Good news and good news - mosaic - 02-25-2020

cool! that kind of find is always nice.

RE: Good news and good news - The People - 02-29-2020

If you don't know who Weinstein is think of a white Bill Cosby who believed in the casting couch. I don't know about stats in the USA. In Canada 95% of men who go to court get off. So many women ignore it or never get there. It sucks. 2 powerful men were found guilty this year. Yes, they are American but still. It gives us hope.