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Next step!? - The People - 02-18-2020

I have a friend who is in her eighties. However, she is still mentally sharp. Her son however, has mental illness(strong drugs in use) and he has become very manipulative of his mother since his father went into care.

He is trying to convince her that she is incompetent. I brought books over to her the other night and he tried to convince her that she would never get through them. She snapped at him and told him that she can read 3 books a week.

I spoke to her this evening. Money has gone missing from her account. It has been frozen. She has access to other $$. They aren't poor.

The son is very spoiled. An only child who is very spoiled and has never been expected to do anything for himself since he was a child. And he wants her money. He can be very cruel to her.

It will devastate her if he took the money. But I have a strong feeling that he did. And I feel powerless.

RE: Next step!? - mosaic - 02-18-2020

wow that is awful. it's good that she locked down the account where the money went missing. it's very sad to think how a child can be so disrespectful and cruel to a parent who has already given them so much.

RE: Next step!? - The People - 02-21-2020

The bank shut it down. If it is proven that the money was withdrawn using her password the money will not be returned. Guess who is the only person with her password!

He calls me when he is drunk. I have stopped answering. But one night he told me not to get involved in their finances. This weekend I will go visit her and we will just have tea. He has less interest in hanging around if there is no booze. I tried to be nice to him but now I have no use for him.

RE: Next step!? - dreamers - 04-01-2020

If you are concerned about elder abuse you could tell the authorities or a mandated reporter like a T. Just pointing out the option... I know you might have reasons why you don’t want to.