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you woch this show? - The People - 01-14-2020

amerikas gottalent? I do not like that magic or scary stuffs like thro nives an magic cards. not real magic bigs say. triks. still idont like it.

i like them to sing and danse but that is oll.

las nite we selebrate the 60 brithday of sister. she die of canser 2 plus yers ago there. my n=baby sister. her doter miss her mush much,

RE: you woch this show? - mosaic - 01-14-2020

hi. we haven't watched the latest season with the "best" from past years. but we do watch it the regular times.

it is sad to miss our family after they die.

i hope you can have a good day today.

RE: you woch this show? - The People - 01-15-2020

Mosaic las nite so bad!Man from downstairs hemite be mental ill there. Anawayshe keep goin round astin peoples to use there fone. he hava difert reson every time. We call cops they say leve your door lock but door not sostrongg. it maked us scared.

wenot slepe. cansel pdoc couse we to tired to nohow to tok. it very cold here to. -36 celsus at nitetime. in the day -32 with wind chill

RE: you woch this show? - mosaic - 01-15-2020

oh my goodness, that sounds really disturbing to have such an inconsiderate neighbor. i am glad you kept your door locked! i would be scared too.

it sounds VERY cold! i hope you can stay warm today.

RE: you woch this show? - The People - 01-16-2020

We have this brown coat look like a bear.