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DO other people fall? - The People - 11-09-2019

I fell last night. I was looking up at my apartment as I walked home. It was icy as it snowed and I slid. The moronic people from the city have left gaps between the sidewalk and the grass and the edge of my shoe caught on one of them. My fingers are sore and I am stiff. I have a few new bruises just as the old ones were fading.

I am 61. This hs been going on for a long time. I know that if I exercised more it might get better but I go from one fall recovery to another.

I do know that sometimes the cause is switching. It is hard to get one's feet planted properly when someone steps in front of you without warning. I used to miss grabbing the door going into a mall. Now I miss the sidewalk. I try very hard to go to the flat part of the crosswalk, the area made for wheelchairs. However, last time I got my right foot placed properly but not the left one. Soon I will have no skin whatsoever on that knee.

RE: DO other people fall? - phoenix22 - 11-10-2019

I am 64..and yesterday my knee gave way as I was carrying a hot cup of coffee..have no idea why although it may be the start of rheumatoid arthritis flare up..
I do know I can misjudge things like stairs when switching but had never thought why until your post..sorry to read about poorly knee..hope you are better soon.
(My daughter got me a cane to help me balance..makes me feel old but safe )

RE: DO other people fall? - The People - 11-12-2019

I think we will get 2 poles. I see a lot of people here using them. They seem to help. Sad to know that it happens to someone else but glad it isn't just me!