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My book - The People - 07-16-2019

I have stopped working on my book. For now anyway. A friend made a comment the other day about leaving things in the past. She doesn't understand but what if I lose friends and the toothpick of bridge that I built to the few family members that I have connected with? What if they realize it is my writing? They.... Taking a break at least.

RE: My book - nats - 07-17-2019

there are always pros and cons. do what feels right to you.

RE: My book - mosaic - 07-17-2019

taking a break may be a good thing, to allow you to "decompress" for a while. i think you know what is best for you. as nats said, there are pros and cons to either option.

as for the "leave it in the past" comment... how many wonderful autobiographies would we not have if others heeded that advice.

RE: My book - dreamers - 07-19-2019

I am working on a fictionalization of my childhood story and where I am now. It’s fictionalized because everyone’s ages are lowered and genders are switched. Some of the characters are a few people I know Mashed together.its also set in a state I’ve never been in. So, hopefully even if the foo sees the truth in it it won’t whack them over the head so hard that my world rattles

My character for example is a 13 year old boy named Brian. He has my disabilities and thus outlook on life but only my most trusted friends know how closely Brian is me.

I bring it up, to suggest that this type of fictionalization might be a way around the problems that you brought up. Can you change ages and genders around? Do you have a core sense of self that might be different than how people see you ( because of being in school still and being reliant on the mom still we see ourselves as kids/teenagers still ( except for Neal but he was created as our inner adult to begin with .

However, the world obviously only see who old our body is. So, it seems right to write Brian as 13 but safer too because they won’t make the connection as readily. I hope that makes since

RE: My book - Five of Hearts - 07-24-2019

One day things are best left in the past, next day there not.