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Hoping other kids will pray with us rating for big fee - dreamers - 04-30-2019

Note : our big is typing this because our typing because if we type,it teachs the next word thing above the keyboard the wrong way to spell.

Below is a chr prayer request. We are hoping chr littles will pray with us.

We won’t go into detail about why because it might trigger kids. But Daniel ( our best friend and new d*ddy because we asked we could be his kids and he said yes)

Is going through some med stuff and we are super worried especially cause he is 79 and not chr yet so if anything happens to him we don’t know if he has a ticket for getting into heaven or not.

Big said that little kids don’t need one but grown ups do. We told him, all he has to do to get one is ask God or even ask like saying “ if Dreamers isn’t nuts and you are real and you really do want to be friends with me then I would want to be friends with you and I would want a ticket to heaven and I know I cannot earn it because you are just giving them out.

So since he is having med stuff and since we don’t know if he would be in heaven with us we are scared. Today, we had the idea to ask other littles to pray with us that he would at least be open to the idea of asking for a ticket to heaven and to be friends with God like even just as an experiment to see if anything happens like if God does anything to show him ( Daniel) that He ( God)is real and does want to be friends with him “

We know that kids bio kids and inside kids are special to God and when kids pray stuff happens. That’s why we are specifically asking littles to pray with us.

That Daniel would be better soon but also that we would get to be with him in Heaven
Angela typing for katey and Angie ( both age 4)

RE: Hoping other kids will pray with us rating for big fee - Five of Hearts - 05-01-2019

Hi dreamers

Nice to meet you.

Got something similar going on in my life to.

I don't have any little's inside that i know of.

I do know some little's in 3D, I'll get them on board for you.

Good luck.


RE: Hoping other kids will pray with us rating for big fee - The People - 05-01-2019

We got told from some pray people that we see the peoples we wont at heven. ifn you wontt o see them parents (no thanks for us). friends we love we will see. I hope are frend rite.

RE: Hoping other kids will pray with us rating for big fee - dreamers - 05-01-2019

Thanks guys,
I hope your friends rite too but if they aren’t there... I don’t know ... just not sure how that would play out not saying it wouldn’t because nothing is impossible for God. Two is Chr, right? If she is
Do you guys think Two would help us pray for Daniel? If the question of going to heaven or not is too MT for her you guys could just tell her that we want Daniel to know that Jesus loves him because right now he doesn’t even know if God is real. Also that we are asking God to keep him safe and healthy cause we live too far away to pertect him. He is a grown up but he is turning 80 this year so he is grown up so much that he needs God to watch over him more, again. Big says kids need special watching over and so do really really big grown ups.
When we thought Daniel was bigs boyfriend we didn’t know he was that big.
He is our best friend and our d*ddy because we made special promises to each other like how David and Jonathan did in the Bible. He promised to be our d*d and we promised to to our best to listen and do whatever he asked us to do. We used to pray for a d*d like Mr Rogers ( not outloud cause we were scared that someone would tell the foo especially the person who the mom was married to.

Well Daniel came for bigs college graduation and big’s Brother met Daniel and he whispered to us “ Daniel is just like Mr Rodgers, huh?

Five of hearts nice to meet you. Thanks for asking the littles you know. It means a lot.

Katey with lizzy helping some