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Co-consciousness and masking - Chimera - 04-24-2019

I've been thinking about something that happened in my therapy session this past week. We're working through feelings (something that is extremely uncomfortable for us) and the therapist asked us to sit with the feeling. It was very strange to sit with the feeling and feel the desire to dissociate and switch followed by the immediate insistence that he was looking for at least the first so we actively worked through NOT doing that.

I don't want to trigger anyone so please forgive the vagueness in regards to what we were discussing or the feeling involved, but the question I have is, have others before or after diagnosis, been aware enough to wrap their arms around the one fronting and offer promises of protection even without stepping forward?

Thank you,

RE: Co-consciousness and masking - The People - 04-24-2019

I think I know what you are saying. I do remember Alexa coming out with a T and explaining her feelings. We went from rejecting her to accepting her. She wouldn't have liked if we hugged her I don't think. But our acceptance settled her down.

RE: Co-consciousness and masking - Chimera - 04-24-2019

It was strange because when I have that feeling, I don't stay with it because staying with it, being unable to escape it is one of the reasons I switch. Switching is the only way I can manage that. This time, I was there and felt the one who would normally come out to calm and shut down emotions, but instead of coming out and switching, it was an internal reassurance.

Acceptance is a thing for us? Meaning that given how flawlessly we've masked all these years, how we've never really gone by different names (because that might eventually get caught), it's strange to start to recognize those distinctions more. Thank you for offering your experience. It helps to see someone else's sometimes.

RE: Co-consciousness and masking - Five of Hearts - 04-26-2019

(04-24-2019, 12:58 AM)Chimera Wrote:  been aware enough to wrap their arms around the one fronting and offer promises of protection even without stepping forward? 

Thank you,

Hi Chimera

I think you joined this community just a few days before me. Nice to meet you.

I must admit I don't confidently know quite what you mean by "masking" or by "aware".

However it sounds like something we do. We've cuddled and reassured and so-forth often, have done since we were kids and still do.

I hope this makes scene and I hope it helps with your question.

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart