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New friend is helping - The People - 04-12-2019

We seem to be coming back to life by being able to talk with her about day to day stuff. Brain is recharging:

She and I talked about paint the other day. I went out that night and some girls were tagging in the alley. I walked through the fumes. Next day I had an asthma attack as I was waking up.

Last week T and I were talking about my size when I was a kid. I mentioned an outfit I got for my brother's wedding. It was yellow. I hated it but it was all I could find that fit.

Today my niece sent me the photo from the wedding. There I was with the ugly outfit. But I didn't look that fat.

RE: New friend is helping - mosaic - 04-12-2019

that's great to hear that your friend is helping. it is good to have someone to talk to like that.