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Ahg!!! - Collectively US - 04-09-2019

You know I just don't know why things have to keep following me. I leave behind a husband which was bad enough and learned I/we were strongger then we thought. Go to mother's house all was fine for bit then down the tubes. Get a job as a Nanny interesting to day the least but her husband comes home and he is nasty when angry. Shuts us down a bit. The yelling is a bit much and tonight the littest one is sick and the mom and I doing important stuff so they can buy a house...the father is mad because she is not taking care of the kids do he can watch t.v. Then he is really angry talking about how he is not going to be nice anymore start putting people through walls. Just kept quiet went to cleaning put on my head phones and made no sound. If only I had options at this point I would get out now all of us would....but no money no where to go....frustrated trying not to get lost in this place.going back to the mother ( ours) not a good idea.i I can't get better if abuse continues to plauge me/us so done with the abuse.

RE: Ahg!!! - mosaic - 04-09-2019

it does sound like you are in an impossible situation. the anger in the household sounds very triggering (it would be for us). feeling trapped is awful.

how did you get this nanny position? is there a way to find another position? just trying to come up with ideas

RE: Ahg!!! - The People - 04-10-2019

Could you go to a Women's shelter for a short time? They might be able to find an option with you. Or at east let you rest your head and think without anyone yelling at you. Nobody deserves that.

RE: Ahg!!! - nats - 04-10-2019

that doesn't sound good or very safe at all. is there any chance you could ask around the same way you found this job for another? men and their anger, honestly, if they took responsibility for themselves we wouldn't have so much wreckage in this world.

RE: Ahg!!! - The People - 04-12-2019

The shelters are just for women. Perhaps you could call them and talk out your situation? They could give you some ideas of other options if you are single and unsafe. In my city we used to have a housing system for women who needed a place to go. They had to close it so the women are now at one of the women's shelters. A phone call is a good start. It may take a few of them to find what you need but start at step 1. That is what I would suggest for my clients. I was also homeless for a while. Social services put me up in a hotel for 30 days until I found something.