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My 600 Pound Life - The People - 10-11-2018

I started watching this show a while back. It is an extra channel that I got because the company screwed up.

It is very sad to hear some of these stories. Well, actually all of them but some more than others. So many of the heavy people are enabled. A man whose story was very sad. He was so heavy. Rather than trying to help him doctors gave him pills for his pain. The pain was caused by the excess weight. Imagine carrying three people around all the time.

He became addicted to the pain pills. When he went to the place that is focused on in the series they weaned him off the pain pills. It was very sad how much that negatively impacted his weight. He gave up and he didn't survive.

How sad. Why am I telling this story? So many of the stories involved abuse or neglect. A new story is on now and the woman has just told the story of her childhood. How food was her go to thing. In most of the stories the weight gain started as young as 6.

Do any of us have a codependent person in our lives? Or were they in our past? Last week I watched one woman who liked the fact that she could guilt her mother into helping her because of their past. It is very sad. People destroying the ones that they love by feeding them to death. Or whatever else it is they do as a co-dependant.

RE: My 600 Pound Life - mosaic - 10-11-2018

it all sounds so depressing.

RE: My 600 Pound Life - The People - 10-14-2018

It starts out sad. And some stories end sad. However, many of the people are amazed with themselves. Some join a gym and see progress. Some go to therapy and figure out what their food issues are or work through issues with the parents or spouses. Many get to do so many things that they could never experienced in a long time. Like going shopping in stores. Driving themselves. Bathing themselves. The doctor is very direct with them because it was people tiptoeing around them that caused so many problems to begin with.