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3 - The People - 07-19-2018

fractured ribs. Means they are cracked but not snapped. Fell onto my bike a week ago. They are causing physical discomfort and memory crap. we will be OK, however. There was a struggle with a doctor. I had checked and there was a female on. I said I wanted her. He showed up. "You were serious about that?" he said before going off in a huff. Obviously, he has not been brought into the latest women's rights movement.

RE: 3 - mosaic - 07-19-2018

ouch! what did the dr say for you to do? and that man dr is an idiot.

RE: 3 - The People - 07-20-2018

She was very kind. She listened to what I said and then moved onto what brought me in. She examined me gently and sent me for x-rays. Came back and told me about the fractures. "Yes there was something causing pain" she smiled. I am not allowed to bike for at least 2 more weeks, have to watch heavy lifting and just use Tylenol. I am to go back there or to my doctor if I develop signs of a chest infection. That is all they can do.

RE: 3 - mosaic - 07-20-2018

a long time ago they used to wrap the whole chest area with tape i think... maybe that is for when the ribs have snapped.

i sure hope you start to feel better soon.

RE: 3 - The People - 07-22-2018

It is OK. I sleep a lot to ignore pain. They stopped wrapping as it slowed healing and created more risk of pneumonia etc. Sometimes I push too hard but I catch myself. It will come. No biking for a ride.

RE: 3 - Collectively US - 07-30-2018

I hope you heal quickly people, our thoughts are with you