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Finally got a formal diagnosis - Cammy - 06-21-2018

I knew all my life that I had an anxiety disorder, but never has anyone told me what kind it was. In the meantime I tried all sorts of meds, did CBT, and saw psychologists that specialized in anxiety issues. I FINALLY saw this really kind and excellent psychiatrist who put a name to my pain. I've had anxiety issues since a small child and these would come out of nowhere for no reason. The past few years I would wake up from panic attacks that had started in my sleep. Last winter I was up for 2 weeks - no sleep - in a high panic state. I thought I was going to have a major cardiovascular incident from the major adrenalin and cortisol levels. TWO WEEKS!!! So I found out that I am one of those people in which the primitive part of my brain that signals the fight/flight response, just misfires whenever. Misfires ... then I get to live in a state of terror and panic. The psychiatrist said there is no cure, no meds other than benzos for acute episodes, and definitely no therapy that's going to do a darn thing for this.

Would you believe that bad as this sounds I actually felt better? Knowing that I understood what was happening to me made a world of difference. All this because this psychiatrist decided to LISTEN and spend a little TIME figuring out what was wrong with me. Amazing, isn't it, when you can hook up with a good T or P?

RE: Finally got a formal diagnosis - mosaic - 06-22-2018

how wonderful for you to finally find a good p-doc. they are so few and far between. i have clients tell me horror stories about their encounters with their p-docs and i feel so bad for them.

and yes, it does help when we finally understand what is happening to us, even if there's nothing we can do to change it.

RE: Finally got a formal diagnosis - The People - 06-22-2018

Glad you finally know. Perhaps now that you are feeling heard you will calm down a bit. For me, not knowing brought on more panic. Your pdoc may be correct that itis permanent as I have the same response if I exercise too much. However, can you do things so they are of shorter duration?

RE: Finally got a formal diagnosis - Cammy - 06-26-2018

People: For me it is not a matter of how long I do things - this just kind of comes out of the blue even when I'm doing nothing, like sleeping. All I can really do is just use the right medication when it happens and then just get on with my day. At least the medication somewhat works, so that's a really good thing!