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Panic over Politics / Medicaid - Shadows - 05-24-2017

I don't want to be political but I'm having a lot of panic about the current events of the United States .. I know that the budget Tr*mp proposed probably wont pass but I'm really worried about what it means or could mean. We are on Medicaid. Our therapist is our therapist because of medicaid. If this program goes away we will probably be uninsured and not have any therapy and that is really, really scary.

We are having so much panic, lots and lots of anxiety and we feel like we are about to throw up. Too anxious to even look at the news and make sure that we have the right information. We aren't sure what to do.

RE: Panic over Politics / Medicaid - Cammy - 05-29-2017

It's a hard thing to do, but sometimes it is best to wait and see if what we fear actually happens before we start to get upset over it. I empathize that things seem up in the air for you right now, but it might be helpful to tell yourself that for the moment, you have what you need. If you are unable to face the news, and I cannot blame you for this since it reports on everything melodramatically just to get people riled up, then perhaps you could get someone to give you the readers digest version once a week or less often, and only then if thing are for certain. The news is going to be filled with all kinds of conjecture and fear-mongering, so it is likely best for you to avoid it. If there is someone who call tell you when decisions are final, then that would be helpful to you. This all may come to nothing and how awful that you had to suffer so much anxiety over it. If you can assign someone to be a filter for you, then you need only hear the real verdicts when and if they do happen. It is just one suggestion.

RE: Panic over Politics / Medicaid - dreamers - 05-31-2017

As far as I can see, only Obama care will be majorly hit. As for my system, we have taken our nervousness and started doing things like calling senators and signing petitions

RE: Panic over Politics / Medicaid - Shadows - 06-01-2017

Obama care is what I'm worried about (expanded Medicaid).

Thanks for the suggestion, Cammy. I need to figure out an easier way to deal with this because it is so debilitating to try to pay attention. Parts get triggered and then we all end up a mess.

RE: Panic over Politics / Medicaid - Shadows - 07-28-2017

I am so happy and so relieved that Medicaid and Medicare is intact still. So relieved. So glad that we can continue to see our therapist and not have to worry about what it might cost.

RE: Panic over Politics / Medicaid - The People - 07-29-2017

God Bless John McCain. Leaving his sick bed to vote. I really feel badly for people with lower income as they are the ones most affected by these threats of change. Someone else quit Trump's staff today. I don't think the small handed man will make it through the first 4 years himself. He does not have the power that he thought he would. Canada stands behind you.

RE: Panic over Politics / Medicaid - Cammy - 07-29-2017

I second that motion. Way to say it People!