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Freaky video - Unity - 05-26-2015

This video also intrigued me sometime ago.

I think it's potentially very triggering :p

Well i post this mostly because sometime it help me to visualize and picture certain things. SHAMANIZER - FRAGLETROLLET

RE: Freaky video - Tangled Web - 05-26-2015

That is a pretty f*ck*d up video. Why would you want to visual things like that OR what does watching something like that help you visualize?

RE: Freaky video - Unity - 05-27-2015

The first pictures with the skull they don't specially mean anything to me.

Then the first scene with the head of the guy, and the voice that says 'memoriiies' , and the guy face get transformed while the voice say 'but i don't want to die' , but all the motion of the head remain the same, and very slow, and while his face change totally, it remind me of this feeling of having memory that trigger life threatening situation and provocate some dark total change of expression when they are triggered.

Then the alternance between the scene with the room and the chair, and face morphing, at first in the room everything is normal, but then there is a scene switch or a flash, and then there is something totally anormal in the scene, like the chair is flying, or something looks wrong, for me it's similar to the feeling of derealisation that can happen with dissociation, associated potentially with switch of personality or some freeze. While it alternate with face of people that change totally of face and expression, to express some kind of anger, while everything else remain totally normal and provocate a sort of contrast idk.

Toward the end, the room appear totally blurred and sort of seen through kaleidoscope, like some semi buried memory can be seen sometime when things happen at young age.

Then after little by little the room with the chair become weirder and weirder and walls start to crack which for me represent fragmentation of memories.

Well there is probably more to it , i think it's  inspired vaguely from some shamanism practice.

RE: Freaky video - Tangled Web - 05-27-2015

So in trying to understand-- you like this video because you feel it represents certain things regarding you? I don't understand what it helps you visualize or picture. Ok so maybe it is this video that helps you visually describe what it feels like to you? Is that correct?

RE: Freaky video - Unity - 05-28-2015

Yes it reminds me of some state i can experience, that i think are related to dissociation .

RE: Freaky video - Unity - 05-31-2015

Another version Smile

My brain looks a bit like this sometime, is that bad doctor ?  Rolleyes Fragletrollet - Shamanizer / Video Clip Psychedelic Psy GOA Dark Trance Big Grin

(also potentially triggering actually most likely triggering for all kind of things, but the triggers are very short Smile)

(I just put them like this, if it's not ok you can remove them no prob Wink)

RE: Freaky video - Unity - 06-02-2015

Demonic possession & exorcism Big Grin

Fragletrollet - Beauty Of Duality / Video Psychedelic Psy GOA Dark Trance

That could go in the 'empowered by anger' thread too =)