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Loss - The People - 03-23-2015

I have been mentioning that I might know someone who could help with the programming issues. f*ck f*ck f*ck! I just phoned his # again today. His number showed on my phone and a woman answered. He passed away in his sleep over the weekend. A huge loss to so many people. He was a very nice guy and I wish I had stayed in touch with him better after his partner died.

RE: Loss - mosaic - 03-24-2015

oh that's sad.

RE: Loss - Tangled Web - 03-24-2015

So sorry the people. That is sad.

RE: Loss - nats - 03-24-2015

so sorry People.

RE: Loss - MakersDozn - 03-27-2015

Wow. We're sorry.


RE: Loss - The People - 03-27-2015

Thanks everybody. Part of the pain of this was that I was closer to his partner who passed away about 2 years ago in exactly the same way. Of course I wonder but it really doesn't matter.