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Finally, Something Good - MakersDozn - 01-14-2015

For the last 15 months or so, we have reported to a boss that's been driving us bat-s*** crazy. (Well, driving me crazy....not much bothers Allegra). He's an inexperienced manager that's been supervising too many people and has had authority over areas that he's not qualified to oversee. He's a prime example that not every subject-matter expert makes a good manager.

Our company is known to restructure frequently, on the departmental level if not company-wide. So we're used to this sort of thing. It's just that in dealing with the day-to-day crappé for so long, I, Laura J. Cynic, find it hard to see the possibility of things changing for the better.

Today we were officially informed of the departmental restructure-du-jour. We will now be reporting to someone who's not only more appropriate for the work that we do, but is also free of the cluelessness of our soon-to-be-former boss.

Yee-haw. :-D

Laura and others

RE: Finally, Something Good - mosaic - 01-14-2015

sounds good to me. i remember when i worked in the corporate world having that sort of manager and it was rough. she came from a completely different end of the business and had no clue what we did, or that we weren't interchangeable with folks in the other line who had the same title as us but worked with different products. it was a nightmare.

RE: Finally, Something Good - The People - 01-15-2015

I have left jobs because a new supe was taking over and I would rather spit on his ugly shoes than report to him. So I understand the weight this shuffling of the deck must take off your shoulders. You were due for a break. Have a Snapple!

RE: Finally, Something Good - Tangled Web - 01-16-2015

We are happy for you MDs. Glad things have changed.

RE: Finally, Something Good - MakersDozn - 01-16-2015

Thanks, everyone.

Good News, Part Deux:

The diva of a photographer, who Clueless Boss has been fawning over and was only supposed to be here from mid-July to mid-September, will *finally* be gone at the end of January (budget cuts--pity). This guy has been overstepping into our realm of responsibility since he's been here, *and* he's making our work twice as hard as it should be, since we have to re-do a lot of his editing and formatting. When we got the email from our boss today, we immediately forwarded it to our T, preceded by an image of the Snoopy Dance. :-P

Laura and others

RE: Finally, Something Good - tweeter - 01-19-2015

Hi, congratulations on the change of departmental leadership. Swimming upstream all the time is wearing.

RE: Finally, Something Good - MakersDozn - 01-19-2015

Very wearing. Mix in all the other crappé that we've been dealing with, and....well, you get the picture.

We have off for the MLK holiday today. Plus we took an extra day because of a pdoc appointment. We just want to start feeling better consistently.

Laura and others